Moving from WordPress to Blogger is simple

14 03 2008

I think it was obvious that the first post I put up on this blog post shifting from WordPress to Blogger would be on “How to shift from WordPress to Blogger”…

The reasons why we shifted from WordPress to Blogger when everybody seems to be doing otherwise have already been discussed in one of our earlier posts.

Once we finalized that we wanted to shift from WordPress to Blogger all that remained was to figure out HOW… Now those of you who have tried such a thing ever in your life would know how painful it is… Even if you do a search of How to move WordPress to Blogger almost 99% of the entries talk about how to move from Blogger to WordPress… You reach down to your very soul and question yourself on whether it is the right decision… after some introspection I tread ahead with my faith reaffirmed in Blogger…

So, here are the ways to move from WordPress to Blogger…

BlogSync – This is a tool developed by Yichao Zhang. The tool is Java based and helps you import posts from WordPress to Blogger and also boasts of comments import which I failed to do…

If you want to use this tool download it here (this is the latest v0.3) for any installation question/queries you can refer the FAQs here

BlogTransmit – This tool is .NET based developed by James Lin. This tool imports directly from the weblog posted on WordPress to Blogger. It only has one .exe file which you can install and finish the transfer in no time.

If you want to use this tool download it here (this is the latest v0.2) for any installation question/queries you can refer the FAQs here

Blog2Blog – This tool is able to move blogs from LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and publish to LiveJournal, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, and WordPress. This means you can move your blog to a new blog name or clone it. This is a .NET 2.0 Application. It’s easy to use and mostly works like a charm.

If you want to use this tool download it here (this is the latest v0.2) for any installation question/queries you can refer the FAQs here


  1. Only 50 posts can be imported in 24 hours
  2. Tags and categories cannot be imported
  3. Comments are lost; and in cases where comments can be imported the commentator is displayed as the person who imported the posts
  4. Blogs after getting imported will not display original Multiple Authors, it will only display single name
  5. You will lose your pagerank
  6. You will have to start everything else all over again

The other solutions that I found were highly technical for a layman and hence I am not listing them here… Best of luck with shifting your blog…




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29 03 2009

I’m looking for something that will keep my WP blog (v2.7.1)in sync with my Blogger blog. None of the applications named in this post do that. Also, there appears to be other problems with them that are probably due to WP versions changes.

BlogSync currently displays the wrong post IDs, which wreaks havoc on my situation, because I’m dating some of my posts in the past and I’d like to transfer from WP to Blogger based on when the post is created (i.e., post ID), not when it is dated for.

BlogTransmit gives me an array of error messages. The application appears to be for an earlier version of WP. (I emailed the creator about these errors.)

Blog2Blog does work to move current WP posts to Blogger, but it doesn’t move any tags or post comments with them, as you stated. For some reason, I could only get it to transfer 20 posts in a day, not 50. Also, all formatting is removed.

There is an online WordPress2Blogger app, but it appears to be for older versions of WP, too, as it doesn’t accept the current XML files. Even if it did, it would only allow files smaller than 1MB. Mine is nearly triple that size.

I’d be curious to know if there are any other apps out there that actually migrate everything over. Ideally, I’d like one with the ability to move over any WP posts that were created after the last migration, too.

7 04 2009
Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Very helpful. I followed some of your tricks and learned a few of my own. I wrote this post about moving from Blogger to WordPress 2.7 using Godaddy Economy Hosting: . It has some thoughts and tips about keeping page rank and permalinks, which you don’t talk so much about.

29 05 2009
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29 05 2009
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